Peter White interviewed by Yoshiki Sakai ( in Japan)

February 7, 2004 / Emeryville, CA

The new CD will be released in this March, please introduce it.

It has been two years since the last one.
I had lots of cooperation this time.
There are two pieces produced by Matthew Hager who is a producer of Mindi Abair.
"Are You Mine (track5)" is what featured Mindi's saxophone, and the drum is
Steve Ferrone who used to be a drummer in Average White Band.
Matthew Hager is also a guitarist and we future his guitar in "How Does It Feel (track3)",
it is overdubbing of both my guitar and his guitar. It's really crazy... (laugh)
I wondered what's it gonna be when we overdubbing the guitar six times...
It's not the first time to overdubbing the acoustic guitars.
We did the same thing in "Cafe Mystique" of the previous CD"Caravan of Dream"
featuring Marc Antoine's guitar. It was really fun, but it's not good to do too muchc

When you overdubbing at the recording, don't you have any problem at the live?

When we play the overdubbing pieces at the live, we use the recorded Karaoke MD.
I don't know any other way.

I asked the same thing to Ken Navarro, some of your melody lines seem to be suitable
for Japanese lyrics and familiar to the Japanese.
Is that because you have been supporting vocals like Al Stewart?
If you release with the Japanese singers, I think it may hit in Japan.

It's interesting to release with Japanese lyrics.
I'll join such news whenever with joy.
I also release Japanese version CDs, so I wanna join the interesting plan like that.
When it comes true, I want to re-record the different take from the original
ones released in US.
I'm also interested in taking strings.

Talking of strings... do you know Claus Ogermann?

Yeah, I know him very well. He joins in Diana Krall's CD with strings...
and a few years ago, "Breezin"of George Benson is too famous...
But it costs too much to use strings.
I think it's impossible without much budget at present.

By the way, how do you compose your pieces?

I never use the guitar when I compose.
I always use the keyboard.
In my case, most parts are ad-lib with beating the rhythm loops.
I like groovy rhythms like R&B. (mimic the rhythm)
I think the guitar is for playing, not composingc so once the melody has made,
I play it with the guitar.
It's convenient to use the keyboard in composing.

Please give a message to Japanese fans.

Please support me forever. I wanna visit Japan at any cost.
I'll release the new CD in March, please check it!

Peter and Yoshi


Thank you, Peter and Yoshi !!