PW answers my questions - by email (September 26, 2007) Japanese

Akemi - You are coming to Japan for the first time in 13 years.
It's your 4th time, isn't it?
and the first time playing your own music in Japan,
How do you feel about it?

PW - I first came to Japan in 1979 on tour with Al Stewart.
I returned on tour with Basia in 1990 and then again in 1991 with Al
Stewart where we played a small tour with just the 2 of us performing.
One of the shows on that tour was at Banana Hall in Osaka.
That show was recorded and a song from that show "Fields of France"
was used on the Al Stewart CD "Rhymes in Rooms", released in 1992.
If you listen carefully you will realize that I am playing piano on that song!
My last time in Japan was again with Basia in 1994,
so this will be my 5th time in Japan and the first time playing my own show.
I am of course very excited about this!

Akemi - Do you know.....Al Stewart's song "Japanese Garden"(unreleased)?
What's your impression of Japan?

PW - I don't know the song "Japanese Garden". I have always loved my
time in Japan and found it to be a very peaceful, beautiful land.

Akemi - This time, in Tokyo, What kind of show?

PW - I want to put on an exciting show featuring music from the whole
of my solo career.

Akemi - 4 days in Tokyo, the set list is about the same?(1st & 2nd)

PW - I want to make the best possible show so the songs won't change
much, maybe only slightly, from one set to another.

Akemi - What song do you like to play?

PW - I like to play classic songs from the 70s.
(Listen to my Reflections CD from 1994)

Akemi - Out of all the guitars you've used, which is your favorite, and why?

PW - My favourite guitar is the one pictured on the cover of the
"Glow" CD. It is made by Asturias (in Japan)
I have used it on many recordings- especially on the "Glow" CD.
That is a photograph of the guitar on the cover, not an illustration.

Akemi - When you are relaxing, what kind of music to you usually listen to?

PW- I listen to all kinds of music: Rock, Calypso, Jazz, Pop. My iPod
has almost 3,000 songs in it, so I can play them alphabetically and
try to guess which song is next!

Akemi - Who do you consider your musical influences?

PW- The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Earl Klugh, Joe Pass, Eric Clapton,
George Benson, Pat Metheny.

Akemi - Can I have a message to Japanese fans?

PW- I look forward to meeting many of you at the Cotton Club.
I hope you will understand my English.
All my best....PW