Al Stewart / DVD 2006
a thirty year collection of films & videos




films & videos
Peter appears on...

On The Border(1977)
Year of the Cat(1977)
Roads To Moscow(1977)

Paint by Numbers(1980)
Mondo Sinistro(1980)
Midnight Rocks(1980)
King of Portugal(1988)

Time Passages(1988)
Lord Grenville(1988)
On The Border(1988)
(....How amazing!)
Last Days of the Cennntury(1988)
Year of the Cat(1988)

Blues Run the Game(1994)
Clifton in the Rain/Small Fruit Song(2006)
The Elf(2001)
Gina in the King's Road(2006)
Helen & Cassandra(2006)
Midas Shadow(2006)
Famous Blue Raincoat(2006)

Al Stewart

Peter White

Robin Lamble

Bryan Savage
Adam Yurman
Krysia Kristianne

Dave Camp
Steve Chapman
Steve Recker

Bert Jansch

Dave Nachmanoff

and more.......

Executive Producer
Neville Judd

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