Music is about feeling....

FAQ / July 23, 2003 ( Japanese )

Q / Favourite CD (your solo CD)
PW / Probably "Reflections" because all of those songs were my favourite songs
when I was a teenager and they bring back good memories.

Q / Favourite song (your solo CD)
PW / "My Prayer" from the Perfect Moment CD.

Q / Favourite song (guest appearance)
PW /"You Gotta Be Real" from the 3rd Force CD "Vital Force".

Q /Favourite album (Al Stewart)
PW / Time Passages.

Q / Favourite song (Al Stewart)
PW / "Lord Grenville" from "Year of the Cat".

Q / Favourite song (Basia)
PW / "Freeze Thaw" from the Time and Tide CD.

Q / Favourite song (Burt Bacharach)
PW / "I Say a Little Prayer". I prefer the Aretha Franklin version. When I heard
this song as a teenager I understood what "soul music" was for the first time.

Q / Favourite musician
PW / Kirk Whalum.

Q / Favourite electric guitarist
PW / Pat Metheny.

Q / What do you think about steel strings and nylon strings?
PW / I think that nylon strings have more heart and soul and express my music better.

Q / What do you think about Acoustic Alchemy?
PW / I love their music- it's very elegant. They inspired me to start making my own music
and I'll never forget that.

Q / How do you feel about your live show?
PW / In a live show I can make the music come alive and I can communicate my
feelings with the audience. I want to make them happy to be alive.

Q / How do you feel about success?
PW / It's not necessary to be as famous as Michael Jackson or as rich as Kenny G.
Success to me is being able to play my music in my own way and to provide
a comfortable life for my family.
I feel that I have achieved that and am very thankful.

Q / Please tell me about new CD.
PW / I hope for it to be ready to release early in 2004. I have many guest artists
but the most notable is Christopher Cross
who sings with me on a song written by Brenda Russell: "She's in Love".

Q / What does music mean to you?
PW / Music is about feeling and it takes you away from thinking too much.
That's why it's such a release from everyday life..

Q / What's your philosophy of life?
PW / Don't be afraid to be yourself. Fear is a powerful force. We should accept it,
confront it and move past it. Only then can we live a rich and fulfilling life.
Also follow your dreams but don't have too high expectations.
The joy of live is found in the journey, not the destination.
And be thankful for life's small pleasures.

Q / Favourite book(author)
PW / Don't let Me Be Misunderstood- by Eric Burdon.

Q / Favourite movie
PW / "The Sting"

Q / What do you like to do in your free time?
PW / I like to answer my email. I get messages from all over the world.

Q / Messages for fans
PW / I hope to see you soon on tour, and I hope to come to Japan soon!

Favourite book

October 10, 2001

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